#categorydescriptionadditional descriptioncontentconditioncolourmaterialmeasurements (approx.)priceavailability
1after sunAfter sun, Garanier, 200 ml with Aloe Verasmells niceliquidopenedblue, whiteAqua/ water, paraffinum liquidium/ mineral oil, glycerin, butyrospermum parkii butter/shea butter, peg-100 stearate, citral parfum/ fragrance16x7x2t.b.d. 
2ant-poisonRoxasect, powder, 75gsprinkled it looks like powdered sugarpowderopenedwhite, white, redplastic,powder, diatomaceous earthh: 14.5, ø5.2t.b.d. 
3bag, leatherleather handbag, soft leathertwo compartments, zippersvariableworn, handles broken (but fits look!)brownsoft leather32x26x7t.b.d.RESERVED
4bag, linenlinen bagn/atwo soaps, herbal and mandarin smellwet or driedoff-white, yellow, brownlinen, soap14x13, variablet.b.d. 
5bag, transparanttransparant plastic bag with contentn/athree red balloons, three orange balloons, three green balloons, one dried rosescrunchedbrown, caramelplastic, rubber, plant2x12 x1.5 t.b.d. 
6basket, plasticblack plastic basket, immitates thatchnot sure if minevariablein use, spilled oilsblackplastic25x19x10.5t.b.d. 
7Bed & body mistDream along to Authentic Cylon, 150 ml (strongbut pleasent smell)received as a giftliquidopenedblackplastic, liquidh: 16t.b.d. 
8board game, MonopolyMonopoly board game, classic complete setusedgreen and various colourscardboard, plastic, metal4.1x40x26.7t.b.d. 
9Body oilDream along to Authentic Cylon, 150 ml (strongbut pleasent smell)received as a giftoilopenedblackplastic, liquidh: 15t.b.d. 
10box, engravedjewelry box with engraved elephant in nature-like environmentn/atwo purple stone earrings, one silver bracelet, one engraved ring, one Venus charm, two black spirals of various widths, one white spiral, one golden heart, one silver fly, one small snake tail, various others including earrings and braceletsgood conditionbrown, darkwood and various materials16x10x4t.b.d. 
11box, metallunchbox, mirror surfacen/avariablein usemirrormetalnt.b.d. 
12candles, dripping candlesdripping candles in original box, Gies, 2 piecesn/an/asealedmulticolourcardboard, wax30.5x6t.b.d. 
13candles, dripping candlesdripping candlecan be sold together with sealed setn/aunusedmulticolourwaxh: 26t.b.d. 
14chairfound on the street, first day of moving inpart of a pairn/ausedblue, beigesteel, fabric, fake leathernt.b.d. 
15chairfound on the street, first day of moving inpart of a pairn/ausedblue, beigesteel, fabric, fake leathernt.b.d. 
16children's shoes, softfabric slip-ons, anti-slip small red shoessecond pair of shoes when baby n/ausedred and various coloursfabric9.5t.b.d. 
17cream, anti- callositésScholl, réduit les callosités et la peau dureen 7 jours, 60 mln/athick pasteopenedwhite,yellow, blueplastic, cream12.5x5.5t.b.d. 
18cream, hydra active 3cream, L'Oreal tag, sensible haut, 50 mlreceived as a giftsoft creamsealedwhite, whiteglass, creamh: 4, ø6t.b.d. 
19cream, hydra active 3cream, L'Oreal tag, sensible haut, 50 mln/asoft creamin usewhite, whiteglass, creamh: 4, ø6t.b.d. 
20cream, hydra active 3cream, L'Oreal nacht, sensible haut, 50 mln/asoft creamin usewhite, whiteglass, creamh: 4, ø6t.b.d. 
21cream, tallons fendilésHansaplast, régénération active des crevasses, 40 mln/athick pasteopenedwhite, white, blueplastic, cream11x4.5t.b.d. 
22crochet hookmetal crochet hook, 0.75mm - 12, JMRA, for crocheting thread or hairn/an/ausedmetalmetall: 12.3t.b.d. 
23cubboard, woodcut out details, golden details, drawer, two doorsn/ain consultation content can be soldlittle worndark woodwoodnt.b.d. 
24cup, ceramicsceramics cup, brownmother said it might be poisenous to drink fromn/aunusedbrown, orange, blackceramicsh:7, ø9.60.99 RESERVED
25cup, ceramicsjapanese flower patternpart of a pairvariablein useblue, darkblue, greyceramicsnt.b.d. 
26cup, ceramicsjapanese flower patternpart of a pairvariabledamaged edge, bite-shapedblue, darkblue, greyceramicsnt.b.d. 
27cup, ceramicssmall ceramic brown cup, no handle, ideal, mascaras, eyeliners, small razors etc.n/avariablein usebrownceramicsh: 6, ø7t.b.d. 
28cup, steelpink steelen cup, white insidepart of a pairvariablein usepink, light, whitesteelnt.b.d. 
29cup, steelpink steelen cup, white insidepart of a pairvariablein usepink, light, whitesteelnt.b.d. 
30cup, woodwooden cup from Lapland, two rings for handleslooks like a sailers' boatvariableslightly paled (sunlight)brown, lightwoodh: 15.8, ø7.52.5RESERVED
31curtain, beigesmall windowpart of a pairn/aquite ironedbeigelinennt.b.d. 
32curtain, beigesmall windowpart of a pairn/aquite ironedbeigelinennt.b.d. 
33deoderant frische deo, 48h, bio-granatapfel, 50 mln/avariablein usetransparent, redglass, liquidh: 10.6, ø3.4t.b.d. 
34eye definereye definer crayon khôl 1.1gn/acream stickin useblack, blackwood, kohll: 12.6t.b.d. 
35face maskFeuchtigkeits Maske, Sofort Effekt, 2x5 mln/acreamy liquidsealedgreen, lightAloe Vera, Heilwasser, Gurke, Urea13x7.8t.b.d. 
36face maskErdbeer Peeling Maske, 3 Phasen Wirkung, 2x6 mln/acreamy liquidsealedpink, brightErdbeer Frischzellen, AHA Fruchtsäuren13x7.8t.b.d. 
37face mask1x5 mln/acreamy liquidsealed, other has been finishedgold, whiteGold, Champagner, Kaviar, Perlen6.4x7.8t.b.d. 
38fish, cardyellow illustration of a fish on land No. 79, Corydoras arcuatus Ludwigia alternefolian/aslightly bentyellow, greenpaper8x4.5t.b.d. 
39fish, cardblue, green and brown illustration of two fish swimming in water with plants No. 77 Nannobrycon eques Potloodvisjen/agood conditionblue, green, brownpaper8x4.5t.b.d. 
40fish, cardyellow and various colours illustration of nine fish swimming under a cliff No. 78Nannostmus beckfordin/agood conditionyellow and various colourspaper8x4.5t.b.d. 
41fish, cardyellow illustration of two fish swimming in indefinable vacuum with a plant No. 61Limnophila speciesn/agood conditionyellow and various colourspaper8x4.5t.b.d. 
42flag stringstring of 26 tiny birthday flags, or all year roundn/an/ain usemulticolourpaperl: 200t.b.d. 
43foot scraperfoot scraper with soft and rough siden/an/ausedblue, white, metalplastic, metal, stonel: 21.5t.b.d. 
44French press coffee makerred French press, makes excellent coffeen/avariablein use, three stainsred, whiteceramicsh: 19, ø13t.b.d. 
45KitchenAidKitchenAid redused to be from my therapistn/alooks newred, metalRVS36x41x37t.b.d. 
46lamp, messingbureau lampn/an/alooks newmessingmessingnt.b.d. 
47letter, 2 pagesreceived letter on 'patafysics, 1998can be sold per pagetext and picturesread twiceyellow, pale, blackpaper15x10.8t.b.d. 
48letter, 4 pagesreceived letter on writing, 08.10.2021can be sold per pagetext on writing and personal expierence on parentingread multiple timeswhite, blackpaper15x10.8 t.b.d. 
49mascara,phb ethical beautyorganic mascara with length boosting oilsn/aliquidin useblack, whiteplastic, liquidl: 12.8t.b.d. 
50metal rackmetal rack for bathroomn/an/areasonable conditionmetalmetal32x25x11t.b.d. 
51mothers' eyebrow pencil05 brun, little comb inlcudedn/acream sticklooks newbrown, brownplastic, creaml: 14.6t.b.d. 
52mothers' lipstick, red6n/ared cream stickusedred, cool, blackplastic, cream6.9x2x2 t.b.d. 
53mothers' lipstick, red355 62M301n/ared cream stickusedred, cool, goldplastic, cream6.9x2x2 t.b.d. 
54mothers' red liplinerLe lipstique, little brush includedn/a red cream sticklooks newred, brownplastic, creaml: 16.7t.b.d. 
55nail fileglass nail filen/an/ausedwhite, peachglass9x1t.b.d. 
56napkinsnapkins in plastic bagfirst one is slightly dustyfour napkinsopenedwhite, bluepaper, plastic5.5x8x1.5 t.b.d. 
57napkinsnapkins in plastic bagscrunchedfive napkinsopenedwhite, bluepaper, plasticnt.b.d. 
58necklacehandmadepart of a pairn/a1 time worngreen, grey101 rabbit droppingsnt.b.d. 
59necklacehandmadepart of a pairn/a1 time worngreen, grey130 rabbit droppingsnt.b.d. 
60needlesthree needles on fabriccan be sold per needle or as a settwo longer needles, one short needlelongest needle usedgrey, greenmetal, fabric7x6.3 t.b.d. 
61Oceanfind out what itÕs really like to live in the ocean depths!n/an/agood conditionbluepaper19.5x25x5.1 t.b.d. 
62paracetamol20 tablets paracetamol, 500 mgn/a18 tablets, 500 mgin usewhite, whitecardboard, paracetamolnt.b.d. 
63Parfum d'interieurDream along to Authentic Cylon, 300 ml (strongbut pleasent smell)received as a giftliquidopenedblackplastic, liquidh: 18t.b.d. 
64parfum, Betty BarclayBoheimian Romancereceived as a giftliquidunusedtransparant, soft pinkglass, liquid7x5t.b.d. 
65parfum, Tesori d'Oriente byzantiumprofumo aromatico, 100 ml variablein useyellow, brownplastic, liquidh: 13.5t.b.d. 
66pencil sharpnerpencil sharpner ,metaln/an/ablack stainsmetal, blackmetal2.5x1.5x1t.b.d. 
67photograph, passportphotograph of a bald, grey-eyed man wearing brown coloured glasses and a light blue shirt grandpan/agrey, bluegrey, bluepaper4.5x3.5 t.b.d. 
68postcard, pinkCutie Patootiepart of a pairMartín La Roche - Gamma coloursnewpinkcardboard14.8x10.5t.b.d. 
69postcard, pinkCutie Patootiepart of a pairMartín La Roche - Gamma coloursnewpinkcardboard14.8x10.5t.b.d. 
70postcard, yellowMach & cheesen/aMartín La Roche - Gamma coloursnewyellowcardboard14.8x10.5t.b.d. 
71powder, volumepowder for for nice bulky, textured hair, Andrélon,7gn/apowderin usewhite, purplepowderh: 7, ø2.9t.b.d. 
72pushpinpushpinn/an/aon wallbluemetal, plasticl: 3.2t.b.d. 
73razor bladesthree razor blades in plastic container of four, Gillette fusionfits granpa's razorn/aopened grey, blue, orangemetal, plastic9x4x1.9t.b.d. 
74razor, plasticrazor, Gillettegrandpa used to shave his face withn/ain usegrey, blue, orangemetal, plasticnt.b.d. 
75razor, plasticrazor, bluen/an/aunusedblueplastic, metall: 9.4t.b.d. 
76razor, steelrazor, Timorvery sharp, beware of cutting! Plastic- freen/a1 time usedmirrorsteelh: 8 t.b.d. 
77rubber duckvery small rubber duckdecorationn/aunusedyellow, redplastich: 4t.b.d. 
78sea shellsmall striped sea shellued to lay in parents' bathroomn/agood conditionwhite, greyshellh: 0.8, ø2.8t.b.d. 
79sea shellbig sea shell, snail like, works well when put against earued to lay in parents' bathroomn/agood conditionbrown, whiteshell9.5t.b.d. 
80sea shellsmall twisted shea shelln/an/agood conditionbrown, whiteshelll: 4t.b.d. 
81sea shelllarge spikey sea shell, seven fingersn/an/agood conditionwhite, brownshelll: 15t.b.d. 
82sea shellsmall brown shea shelln/a good conditionbrown, lightshelll: 6.2t.b.d. 
83shampooshampoo, Mildeen, mild, 500 ml n/avariablein useyellowplastic, liquid23x9.6x4t.b.d. 
84spongesponge, natural jute colour with pink bordern/an/aclean, unusedbrown, pinkjuste13.5x14x2t.b.d. 
85stone, angularangular shaped flat grey stone, sharp edgesn/an/astained with candle waxgreystone9x5.9x1.6t.b.d. 
86stone, angularalmost square stone, dark greyn/an/agood conditiongrey, darkstone7.8x4.4x0.5t.b.d. 
87stone, ovaloval shaped flat grey stonen/an/astained with candle waxgreystoneø6.5t.b.d. 
88stone, smallsmall, flat grey stonen/an/agood conditiongrey, lightstone4.8x3.5x0.4t.b.d. 
89string of lightsstring with coloured lightbulbs n/an/ausedmulticolour nt.b.d. 
90string of lightsstring with small lightbulbsn/an/ausedblack, yellow nt.b.d. 
91table, woodthree layerd table with cut out details, dark wood, for plants or crocheted doilies (by grandma)heirloom grandman/alittle worndark woodwoodnt.b.d. 
92table, woodblanket chestfound on the street on first day of moving inone blue birthday candleworndark woodwoodnt.b.d. 
93tooth brushwooden tooth brush, crescent engravedn/an/ain usewood, whitewood, plasticl: 17.4t.b.d. 
94tooth pastecool mint tooth tandpasta voor een frisse adem en bescherming tegen gaatjes, 125mln/avariablein useblue, whiteplastic, liquid19x5t.b.d. 
95tooth picksrubber tooth picks in original boxn/a20 tooth pickssealedgreen, whiteplastic, rubber6x4.5x2 t.b.d. 
96tooth picksrubber tooth picks, three piecesn/an/aunusedgreenplastic, rubberh: 5t.b.d. 
97tram ticketvalid 1 dayn/an/aexpiredyellow, whitepaper8.4x5.3t.b.d. 
98turban cake tinpointy flower patterndecorationn/adustyrust tinnt.b.d. 
99turban cake tinround candle patterndecorationn/adustyrust tinnt.b.d. 
100turban cake tinstar patterndecorationn/adustyrust tinnt.b.d. 
101turban cake tinlotus flower patterndecorationn/adustyrust tinnt.b.d. 
102tweezerstweezers for eyebrows or other small hairsn/an/adefect lightmetal, redmetal, rubberh: 9.4t.b.d. 
103vacuum cleaner, Henryvacuum cleaner with happy face, happy to clean your homen/adust, paper clips, 6 lhose taped togehter with brown tape, good conditionred, blackplastic and various materials31x34x34t.b.d. 
104wallet, redsoft leather wallettwo compartmentsa ten euro note, a one euro coin, two ten cent coins, a five cent coin, plastic membership key-chain, one plastic museum-free entry card (expired), one plastic student card (expired), one key to parental house (variable)in useredsoft leather, metal13x9x0.5t.b.d. 
105wallet, redfake leather walletone compartment, silver shackleemptyunusedredfake leather, metal, linen8x11x1t.b.d. 
106book, Color Works, Solids and ModelsMichiel Van der Zanden, 2016n/aColor solids 1/2/3 [2014] 4 (Viscosity) [2015] Color Models 2 [2014]/ 4 [2015]/ 7 (Olympics) [2016]/ 8 (Constructions) [2016] Color Practice [2015] ColorWorks [2016]read multiple timesyellow and various colourspaper, 130 gr27.5x21x0.3t.b.d. 
107book, Beautiful DistressArt Manifestation on Mental Illness, 2017n/aExhibition (including several chapters), Manifesto, Statements, Conference (including several chapters)sliglty bent by heatingpink, bluepaper30x21x4.3t.b.d. 
108magazine, GrafikRead My Lips, 2006n/aRoughs, Talent, Talent, Showcase, Case Study, Case Study, Profile, Special Report, Freedom Press, Breakin' the Law, The Age of Beauty, Review, Review, Review, Insight, Grafik presents Felt-Tip, Typo_Grafik, Anatomy of a Typeface, Letterform, Objekts of Desire, Big Mouth, Viewpointsliglty bent by heatingpinkpaper31x22.6x0.8t.b.d. 
109book, HelveticaHomage to a Typeface, Lars Müller, 2002non-fiction! " #$ % & ' ( ) / 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z read multiple timespink and various colourspaper15.9x12.7x2.2t.b.d. 
110book, Missing ScriptsThe Proposals, Johannes Bergerhausen, Ilka Helmig, 2019non-fictionMissing Completed 2044 and various othersread partlypink, whitepaper18.9x11.3x0.5t.b.d. 
111book, onderwegSanne van Balen, Tamar Berends, ROTS, Iza Tromp, Vere van der Veen, Frides van de Ven, Catharina VergeerfictionSanne van Balen, Tamar Berends, ROTS, Iza Tromp, Vere van der Veen, Frides van de Ven, Catharina Vergeersliglty bent by heatingpink and various colourspaper30x29.5x0.5t.b.d. 
112book, Nederlands woordenboek, PrismaM.H. Hofman en redactie prisma, prof. Dr. A.A. Weijnen en drs. A.P.G.M.A. Ficq-Weijnen, Hneriëtte Houët, prof. dr. W. Martin, prof. dr. W. Smedts, en Leen van Cleynenbreugelnon-fictionHet Belgisch-Nederlands in dit woordenboek, Gebruiksaanwijzing, Bijzondere tekens, Afkortingen, Voorbeeldpagina, Het woordenboek (A-Z), Basisgrammaticagood conditionorange, white, blackpaper18x12.3x4.1 t.b.d. 
113book, De zin van alle boekenDe Boer & Den Toom, year unknown n/aHet zou hier kunnen...read multiple timeswhite, blackpaper, biotop 160 grs19x13.4x0.4 t.b.d. 
114book, Life of PiYann Martel, 2012fictionn/afirst page removed, unreadyellow, white, blackpaper17.7x11x2.9 t.b.d. 
115book, ZedThe center of Design Studies, 1995, Property of Robin Richmond, various authorsnon-fictionessays, statements, observed, thesisread partlypink and various colourspapernt.b.d. 
116book, Vanaag koop ik alle kleuren Het levensverhaal van een man en zijn psychoses, Karin Anema, 2013 n/aOntmoeting, Balkenbrij en bloedworst, Een grote bruine enveloppe, Een sneeuwend beeld, Meer dan een label, Duisternis en demonen, Fileren, Verdwenen in rook, Psychosewolk, Ons Twan zoekt het zelf wel uit, Vandaag koop ik alle kleuren read twicegreen and various colours paper21x13.3x2.2 t.b.d. 
117magazine, ExhibistContemporary Art fromTurkey, Anna Zizlsperger, Erhan Patat, Maja Markovic, Ariane Phipps-Morgan, 2014 non-fictionInterviews, Word of Mouth Memory, Visual Investigation, Focus:on:Artists, Overview read partlygrey and various colourspaper28x21x1 t.b.d. 
118book, Beknopt Leerboek der Dierkunde Dr O.Schmeil, 1911non-fictionincluding detailed illustrations of wildlife!loose pagesbrown, grey, off- whitepaper23x15x3 t.b.d. 
119book, De kleine prins Antoine de Saint-ExupéryfictionIk geloof dat hij ontsnapte met een groep wilde trekvogels unreadwhite, whitepaper17.5x11x0.8 t.b.d. 
120book, De wereld van PoehWinnie de Poeh, Het huis in het Poeh-Hoekje, A.A. Milne, 1958fictionillustratedread and been read to multiple times yellow, off-whitepaper20.5x14.3x2.6 t.b.d. 
121charm, EmmaMerit Center, EI Bazaar 51, Pyramids St. Giza- Egypt Charm of name spelled in hyroglyphscomes with small blue bag good conditiongoldgold4x1.5t.b.d. 
122charm, heartblue golden heart with engraved flowers in various coloursheirloomn/agood conditionblue and various coloursgoldø1.5 t.b.d. 
123earring,ovaloval earring with bright blue stone n/an/asingle earringsilver, bluesilver, mineralø1 t.b.d. 
124chain, metalsmall oval shacklesn/an/agood conditionsilvermetall:50t.b.d. 
125chain, goldtwisted shacklesheirloomn/aunworngoldgoldl: 38t.b.d. 
126chain, goldsmall round shacklesheirloomn/agood conditiongoldgoldl: 59t.b.d. 
127wristwatchDKNY watch, leather bandgift from grandman/ano batteriesbeige, metalsteel, leather and various materialsl: 23t.b.d. 
128instrument, frogsmall wooden frog with stick, croaks n/an/auseddark woodwoodl: 11t.b.d. 
129figure, elephantsmall metal elephant, detailedn/an/agood conditionmetalmetalh: 8t.b.d. 
130box, embroidedred embroided jewelry box, round lid, star shaped detailsn/a56 heart shaped stickers, one red bell, 8 needles, 23 split pins good conditionred, goldfabric and various materialsh: 4, ø10 t.b.d. 
131box, plasticsmall plastic boxn/ablack tea, sweet smellfullblackplastic, herbsh: 2, ø3t.b.d. 
132box, plasticsmall plastic boxn/asalt, rose smellfullwhiteplastic, salth: 2, ø3t.b.d.